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There are many types of Digital Hair Perm to achieve the different look and feel desired. At Shirley Wong, we provide professional Digital Hair Perms in Jurong! Pue experienced stylist can work with you to help achieve the best desired results with our Digital Hair Perm Services.
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Digital Perms

Digital Perm

At Shirley Wong Hair Salon, we provide hair perm services in Jurong. The many kinds of Hair perm services available are unique to their pros and cons. As a trusted hair perm salon in Jurong, all our trained stylists are able to provide professional consultation and will only recommend the most suitable perm method based on the desired effects, current conditions of the hair and commitment to hair care routines after the perm.


The most sought after hair perm is currently Digital Perms. Unlike most of the other hair perm methods, Digital Hair perm provides the most prominent waves when the hair is dry and give off a smoother, softer and shinier appearance.


Like Hair Rebonding services, Digital Perms thermally reconditions the hair. Our stylist will advise on the essential Hair and scalp treatments to restore the weaken hair and also provide tips like daily hair care routines to maintain a beautiful lasting perm.


A typical Digital Perm usually lasts 3-6 months or more, highly dependent on the natural conditions of the hair, the hair care routines adopted and the lifestyle of the customer.


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